Software Engineering | Machine Learning | Mathematics


I’m a software engineer with a passion for data and great products. From product side I am particularly interested in servers, data processing and applied machine learning and web in general. From computer science side I truly enjoy building beautiful little machines, programs.

I greatly value both coding theory and practice. I enjoy to produce code which is easy to read, understand, maintain, edit while I also love to analyze the whole system, find the non-trivial solution, explore possibilities and experiment.

My main tools are Scala and Python. I feel myself comfortable with other languages such as JavaScript, C++, Go. I never restrict myself to just only one domain, and always look to learn more.

I was lucky enough to get a position of an early empoyee at HackIt startup where I successfully wrote MVP. The tech stack is Scala (with play framework, finagle, slick) for the main backend and REST API, Python for microservices (flask), MySQL as a database, VueJS (es2015, single file components, build tools) for a stand alone frontend, AWS for infrastructure (S3, x2 EC2 linux), git as version control system.


Before calling myself a Computer Science person I did lots of creative work in art fields, namely product design and architecture. While creative fields are not considered useful skill for software engineers, I truly can see how my previous background helps me with my current challenges. Creative or non-standard approach to problems is not an issue, as well as communication, collaboration, team playing.

Currently, I’m an international Computer Science student in Hungary working full time on HackIt startup. Yes, I manage both and more. When I have any free time I try to learn new or improve existing skills. The day when I “did something” is a good day.

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